The Bachelor Australia 2020

13 Aug 2020

I know I only just finished recapping Bachelor in Paradise Australia, but this franchise stops for no one! I’ll be recapping every episode of Season 8 of The Bachelor Australia for Book Thingo, and I’ll pop all the links here.

Episode One: Rights for Redheads.

Episode Two: Bachie 96: Remedial Bachie.

Episode Three: Can we actually really call this an “episode”?

Episode Four: The Blair Waldorf of the Bachieverse.

Episode Five: Tremendous waste of time, absolutely done my head in.

Episode Six: Can a global pandemic be a cliffhanger?

Episode Seven: Epic transpo is still not a date.

Episode Eight: LOCKYDOWN.


Episode Ten: The most upsetting way to describe a hot toddy.

Episode Eleven: Four locations? In this economy?

Episode Twelve: Love via SEO.

Episode Thirteen: Chekhov’s chillis.

Episode Fourteen: I love ya, goodbye.