Bachelor in Paradise Australia 2020

17 Jul 2020

I’m back in the Bachieverse, recapping the third season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia for Book Thingo. You can find links to all my recaps below.

I also guested on an episode of Nearly Beloved podcast talking about the Bachie franchise – listen in all the pod places, or here: Nearly Beloved.

Episode One: I promise Brittany and Brittney are extremely different

Episode Two: How is it that people’s happiness depends on Jamie?

Episode Three: Oh wow, they need these unofficial island therapists.

Episode Four: TFW when the hot guy turns out to be friends with every toxic man you know.

Episode Five: If you’re going to reboot an old dating franchise, at least do Man O Man.

Episode Six: At least Ciarran is good at time management, I guess.

Episode Seven: The bro code is patriarchy with a different hat on.

Episode Eight: Finally, it’s Brittney’s time (mostly).

Episode Nine: You cannot see the stars from this gutter.

Episode Ten: The war for the sentient emoji.

Episode Eleven: Throw away the ring, then throw away the whole man.

Episode Twelve: Ciarran is not an amazing waterskiier.

Episode Thirteen: Neil Lane would never.