The Bachelorette Australia

The Bachelorette Australia

18 Oct 2019

Obviously I have just as many – if not more? – hot takes on The Bachelorette Australia as I do on The Bachelor Australia. I’m writing recaps as usual over at Book Thingo. Here are some links to all the recaps I’ve written on Season 5, which I’ll update as the season progresses.

Episode 1: More boys with Fabio-hair than you can shake a stick at.

Episode 2: Never cast a politician in a love story.

Episode 3: How can a hot fireman be so terrible?

Episode 4: Turns out Ciarran was a babe even before he took his clothes off?

Episode 5: How many ways are there to look like an old-timey sailor?

Episode 6: Bless a man who loves his gran.

Episode 7: The uses and abuses of the absolutely-not-a-word “ingenuine”.

Episode 8: Good night, sweet prince.

Episode 9: Another love expert who is not me, sigh.

Episode 10: A perfect quartet of New South Welshbros.

Episode 11: Being boring is finally a punishable offence.

Episode 12: Wants vs needs; similarities vs differences.