The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia

9 Sep 2019

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m an endless font of opinions about the Bachelor/ette franchise. I write about this a lot in my academic life, but academic publishing is so slow that it isn’t really the right venue for all my hot takes, so I also write recaps. I’m hardly the first person to write Bachie recaps, but I promise you that mine are the most educational ones out there. 😉

You can always find my recaps over on Book Thingo, but for now, here’s links to all my recaps of Season 7 of The Bachelor Australia.

Episode 1: In which I, a humble humanities scholar, read astrophysics.

Episode 2: In which Dr Space Bachie narrowly avoids a fairy curse.

Episode 3: In which I discover the true meaning of the cheeseboard.

Episode 4: In which epic transportation is still not a date, guys.

Episode 5: In which a science PhD is all well and good, but sometimes you need those humanities skills.

Episode 6: In which Space Bachie reveals his most attractive quality.

Episode 7: In which you cannot gamify love if you want to be a romantic protagonist.

Episode 8: In which the word “babe” is a precision tool of passive aggression.

Episode 9: In which they throw the contestants, rather than their emotional baggage, out of a plane.

Episode 10: In which Space Bachie sucks at rappelling, but that’s kind of romantic?

Episode 11: In which we realise that several previous Bachies are clones.

Episode 12: In which making a ten year plan with someone who you’ve dated twice and who has five other girlfriends is apparently a reasonable thing to do.

Episode 13: In which they dare to bring in a love doctor who isn’t me.

Episode 14: In which it all goes down on bin night.

Episode 15: In which epic transportation is not a date, god, how many times do we have to go over this, Bachie?

Episode 16: In which the ending is so obvious they have to play with time to create suspense.