Bachelor in Paradise Australia

Bachelor in Paradise Australia

9 May 2019

As some of you might know, I write a ton about the Bachelor/ette franchise in my academic life. In my regular life, that’s translated over into writing recaps.

You can always find my recaps over on Book Thingo, but for now, here’s links to all my recaps of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia.

Episode 1: Welcome to the Hellmouth.

Episode 2: Details grubbier than a chocolate bath.

Episode 3: Steal my Sunshine.

Episodes 4, 5, and 6: I was overseas for a week, was very jetlagged when I wrote this, and it shows in the depths of my anger.

Episode 7: “Aggressively uninteresting” is a compliment now.

Episode 8: You can’t have a happy ending when one of the protagonists is a monster.

Episode 9: Oh look, it’s the douchebag

Episode 10: The bar is so low it has disintegrated in the molten core of the earth.

Episode 11: No macking for Mack

Episode 12: Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

Episode 13: At least wasps can’t come out of your mouth when you’re a cardboard cutout.