The Bachelor Australia 2021

I’m recapping the ninth season of The Bachelor Australia for Book Thingo! You can find all the links to my recaps below.

Episode One: The most transportation-forward Bachie yet.

Episode Two: Good luck finding the recap under me talking about my book deal.

Episode Three: Australian group dates are *bonkers* competitive.

Episode Four: A dog + a c-bomb, but not the two combined.

Episode Five: Dates probably shouldn’t end up with someone in hospital.

Episode Six: I guess all the transpo is competence porn?

Episode Seven: I always do my confrontations with product integration.

Episode Eight: Two and a half hours and no transportation, is Jimmy changing??

Episode Nine: Once again they have brought in an expert who isn’t me.

Episode Ten: Narrative is really like jenga.

Episode Eleven: Is this phrenology?

Episode Twelve: The Three C Rubric of Romance.

Episode Thirteen: Probably a little late to be “discovering” each other.

Episode Fourteen: C U in the NT.