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15 Apr 2020

Literary elixirs

I love good books (obviously), and I also really love good booze (predictably). I did a guest appearance on Literary Elixirs this week where I got to recommend them together – you can listen here: Jodi on Literary Elixirs.

18 Mar 2020

Daily romance recommendations

It’s a frightening and uncertain time for us all right now, no matter where you are in the world. One of the things I do – and I’m not alone in this! – where I need some comfort and reassurance is read romance fiction.

Romance is a big, all-encompassing genre, and it’s hard to know where to begin if you’re new to it. I’ve been doing a daily romance recommendation over on Twitter using the hashtag #DrJodisDailyRomanceRec and I’ll post them all here too so you have a handy list if you want some reads that are tried and true. I also wrote a piece with some recs for The Conversation, and had a chat to the ABC.

PS. And remember: you can always read my books too! 😉


10 Feb 2020

Supanova 2020!

Hi pals – you can catch me at Supanova again this year! I’ll be at Melbourne Supanova from March 6-8, and Gold Coast Supanova from March 13-14.


10 Jan 2020

Authors for Fireys

If you’re on social media, you might have noticed the #AuthorsForFireys auctions going on around the country, in order to raise money for volunteer firefighting organisations such as the CFA. I’m offering three items:

1. A signed set of the Valentine trilogy, plus promotional enamel pins (high bid currently $225)

2. Detailed feedback on the first 5000 words of your manuscript, as well as your synopsis, OR, if you’re a PhD student or ECR, feedback on a draft journal article or book chapter (high bid currently $170).

3. I’ll name a cameo character in the ridiculous soap opera book I’m writing after you (high bid currently $260).

If you want to bid, jump on over to Twitter and reply to the original tweet threads, which you can find pinned to my profile. If you’re not on Twitter, slide into my DMs on the social media platform of your choice and make your bid.

The auction closes at 11 January 2020 at 11pm AEST. All proceeds will go to the CFA. If you want more detail, or you want to look at what other authors have up for bid, check out the Authors for Fireys website.

And if you want to listen to me talk about the auction and my items: I did a quick podcast interview with Dark Matter Zine.



18 Dec 2019

First event for 2020!

Pals! Have you ever wanted to hear my opinions on VC Andrews (of which I think you can guess I have a lot)? Then you’re in luck! I’ll be discussing Flowers in the Attic, My Sweet Audrina, and all of VCA’s, ahem, interesting works with Clem Bastow and Danielle Binks at Readings on Monday February 24, 2020. Details here: Speaking of the Dead – VC Andrews.

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