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18 Oct 2019

The Bachelorette Australia

Obviously I have just as many – if not more? – hot takes on The Bachelorette Australia as I do on The Bachelor Australia. I’m writing recaps as usual over at Book Thingo. Here are some links to all the recaps I’ve written on Season 5, which I’ll update as the season progresses.


18 Oct 2019

More hot takes on pro wrestling

Despite the fact I am deeply uninformed on the subject, people keep soliciting my hot takes on pro wrestling, and I keep them giving to them. I recently appeared on my second wrestling podcast in as many months: have a listen to me chat to Greg on the B Plus Aussie Grapps podcast about my newfound love of Melbourne City Wrestling.

14 Sep 2019

Hot takes on pro wrestling

Something I’ve really got into this year is pro wrestling – specifically, Melbourne City Wrestling. I tweet about it quite a bit, and even though my enthusiastic hot takes are deeply uninformed, the lovely gents at On The Turnbuckle had me on their podcast to chat. Listen here! Jodi on On The Turnbuckle.

10 Sep 2019

Readings bestseller list

In the wake of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival, look who snuck onto the Readings Children’s and YA bestseller list at #7!

And who also slid onto the overall Readings Melbourne Writers’ Festival bestseller list at #17!

09 Sep 2019

The Bachelor Australia

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m an endless font of opinions about the Bachelor/ette franchise. I write about this a lot in my academic life, but academic publishing is so slow that it isn’t really the right venue for all my hot takes, so I also write recaps. I’m hardly the first person to write Bachie recaps, but I promise you that mine are the most educational ones out there. 😉

You can always find my recaps over on Book Thingo, but for now, here’s links to all my recaps of Season 7 of The Bachelor Australia.


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