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12 Jan 2021

Romance adaptations and Bridgerton

I’ve got a piece in The Conversation, talking about romance adaptations, Bridgerton, and five series that could be adapted next. Read it here: What’s next after Bridgerton? 5 romance series ripe for TV adaptation.

08 Oct 2020

The Bachelorette Australia 2020

Time for another recap master post! As the Bachelor/ette franchise goes, so goes my nation, so here are links to all my recaps of Season 6 of The Bachelorette Australia.


03 Sep 2020

Valentine series film option!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a film and TV option for┬áthe Valentine series with the wonderful production company Like A Photon Creative. More details here! Film & TV Deal for Valentine!

13 Aug 2020

The Bachelor Australia 2020

I know I only just finished recapping Bachelor in Paradise Australia, but this franchise stops for no one! I’ll be recapping every episode of Season 8 of The Bachelor Australia for Book Thingo, and I’ll pop all the links here.


17 Jul 2020

Bachelor in Paradise Australia 2020

I’m back in the Bachieverse, recapping the third season of Bachelor in Paradise Australia for Book Thingo. You can find links to all my recaps below.

I also guested on an episode of Nearly Beloved podcast talking about the Bachie franchise – listen in all the pod places, or here: Nearly Beloved.


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